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Ing. Philipp Caha

Owner / Technic

+43 680 2080455



We develop software in many areas. Applications under Windows, hardware-related in the embedded area or C ++ programs under Linux. There are also many programming languages ​​and frameworks. In the embedded area it is also dependent on the processor (register of the MCU). Here are some examples in which we are active:

  • Embedded
  • C nativ : 8031, PIC, AVR, ARM, Cortex M0/3/4
  • C++ Linux : ARM
  • Windows
  • C/C++ Console applications
  • Microsoft Visual C#
  • Linux
  • C++ Console applications
  • C++ mit Qt
  • Python

Embedded Softwaredevelopment
We can look back on many years of experience in the embedded area. In the embedded area we prefer some microcontrollers. This is necessary in order to gain the necessary experience for rapid prototyping.

  • Programming languages: ASM, C, C++, Python, ...
  • MCU: 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM, Cortex-M, ...
  • OS: FreeRTOS, RTX, Linux, eCos, ACOS, STACOS, ...
  • TOOLS: KEIL, STM32CubeIDE, MCUXpresso, Atollic, Quartus II, Vivado Design Suite, ...
  • Bussystems: Ethernet, CAN, I2C, 232, 485, USB, BT, ...

IDE from ST für Cortex-M Microcontroller

Easy configuration of the MCU

In addition to programming, we can also take care of project management, system design and documentation for you. It is important to pay attention to software quality and software architecture from the ground up and to proceed according to standards.

If the project is a safety-relevant application (SIL), MISRA also comes into play. All of these criteria make the effort a little bigger, but should be taken into account from the start.

Softwaredevelopment - Windows
In the Windows area, we program tools and applications for our customers, most of which control or configure the hardware. Here we use Microsoft Visual Studio as a familiar development environment. The time makes short development times necessary and so we have been relying on C # /. Net for several years and achieve the best price / performance ratio in this area.

Some tools in C # developed for our customers:

Softwaredevelopment - Linux
The volume of Linux developments is constantly increasing. Not in the application area, but in the embedded area. Here it is extremely efficient if you need a network and / or telecommunications in the respective device.

Programming with GNU-Tools and Editor VC Code. Alternatively, a good editor is NetBeans.


Old Hardware, new Chips

You have a product that has been selling well for 20 years. Now ICs are being phased out, are they no longer available?

Embedded Development with a Microcontroller for 1 EURO

Most developments require a microcontroller, which can be expensive.

Prototyping in Year 2022

Due to the scarcity of components and development boards, it is currently not so easy to implement a project.