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Ing. Philipp Caha

Owner / Technic

+43 680 2080455



A rapidly growing area is the web area. The advantage of a web application, configuration tool or client application for industry is obvious. You don´t need to worry about which operating system your customer has. You can run web applications locally or offer access remotely from your servers and the customer. We would be happy to program the corresponding web application for you.

We use as preferred programming languages ​​/ tools / environment:

  • PHP 5/7/8, CodeIgniter 2/3/4
  • ASP .net/C#
  • HTML5, XML, CSS3
  • Javascript, AJAX/jQuery
  • MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, Oracle, ...

Some examples of web applications:

  • Component Database
  • Control interface for production machines
  • Portal for the vehicle tracking area
  • Interface for an SMS-Server
  • Configuration interface for a network router

We develop your web application in the embedded area with an integrated web server as CGI. Normal web application as PHP server code with the CodeIgniter 4 framework. This page was also created with CI4 and a CMS extension, QCMS developed by us.


Old Hardware, new Chips

You have a product that has been selling well for 20 years. Now ICs are being phased out, are they no longer available?

Embedded Development with a Microcontroller for 1 EURO

Most developments require a microcontroller, which can be expensive.

Prototyping in Year 2022

Due to the scarcity of components and development boards, it is currently not so easy to implement a project.